Software to improve Software

Business Service Assurance is about using software to improve software.
Don’t get left in the dark! With a product like CA APM or Nimsoft acquiring
metrics and BSA to analyze and provide conclusions, you can improve your
visibility to performance and clear a path to satisfied application users.

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CA World is Coming Up

BSA will be there in a booth under the IT-ROI banner.
Make Business Service Assurance a part of your Application Performance Management strategy. Using the reporting engine from IT-ROI Solutions, you can extract performance data into a clean and organized data structure. Apply Analytics to provide to Executives the deep-dive analysis of:
1. Where is the pain my users or customers are feeling?
2. Which part of our application or infrastructure is causing that pain?
3. How much pain are they feeling, so I can understand the cost-benefit to fixing it?

Notes from Matt Sherrod’s Monthly Webcast

The new integrated NPC looks great! It is especially exciting to see data from the TIM fully integrated with data from SuperAgent.
Drill down from the application to see the Business Transactions, and further still to analyze TCP data at layer 4. Really cool!

CA APM Technical Advisory: Introscope Enterprise Manager Deadlock Issue

CA APM Technical Advisory: Introscope Enterprise Manager Deadlock Issue
CA has become aware of an issue where an Introscope Enterprise Manager encounters a deadlock. This technical advisory describes the affected versions and platforms in more detail, and explains what remediation actions are recommended.

Problem Description
The Introscope Enterprise Manager occasionally experiences a deadlock. When this occurs, the Enterprise Manager hangs and is inaccessible by users. As a result, users will not be able to connect to or work on the Workstation and the Enterprise Manager must be restarted to remediate the problem. The frequency of occurrence is unsystematic. Some users suffer from this problem daily, while others have only experienced this issue rather infrequently.

APM 9.1 Upgrade a-coming!

In the meeting with Cameron Van Orman this week,
they talked about upcoming enhancements in APM 9.1
The interesting changes include,
Dynamic Instrumentation for .Net (Hooray!)
Agent deny (do that now with SSL keys)
Super-MOM (known as Cross-Cluster Viewer).

Also great enhancements to CEM including
faster TIM using the MultiPort Collector.

CA Service Assurance Roadmap 2012

We attended the CA Partner Presentation this week from Cameron van Orman, Vice President, Partners & Alliances, Service Assurance Customer Solutions unit.

Cameron and Shay Mowlem talked about the 2012 Roadmap for Service Assurance.  The most interesting part of the presentation was the unveiling of Catalyst, the CA name for the integration of the various products in the Service Assurance into one.  One imminent announcement revolves around APM “Trinidad”, the infrastructure-aware application triage upgrade of Introscope.  Sounds really cool, hope in the upcoming webcast they shed more light on it!

Introducing Steve Meller – CEO of Business Service Assurance

Leader of executives and other decision-makers, working with internal and outsourced teams to knit together a coherent solution. Mentor and guide for services consultants. Responsible for on-time delivery of products from vendors and consultants, largely off-shore.  Manager of Hosting server farm providing Software as a Service to ERP customers.  Project Management Office expert for portfolio management of full life-cycle projects such as banking, transportation, e-commerce, broadband, pharmaceuticals, retailing and telecom. Information visionary, developed through extensive experience with disparate organizations’ financials and human capital management.   Steve has a lifelong pursuit of excellence in IT Operations.

Steve is devoted to his wife and family, and has a corner of the doghouse reserved to sleep
in when he expects his pager to go off at night.  The dogs laugh when he comes to the door.